Oggetti Risorti Tokyo

The up-cycling design exhibit “Oggetti Risorti” was partially resumed and implemented by new designers and projects to be displayed in Tokyo in 1998. The new staging of the exhibit was hosted by the O-Zone temporary space of the Living Design Centre in Shinjuku. A new exhibit design project was made with the local team of japanese designers Tremani, mainly re-using big wooden reels that were found in a nearby building site. A fence to define the exhibit area was made impromptu re-using the metal profiles of the temporary wall that was hiding the installation works. Designers names were sprayed in colours on the wood floor using stencils and coloured spotlights helped creating a warm and playful atmosphere. The exhibition opened with a conference and lasted about one month, being widely covered by local medias TokyoTV, Nikkei Design and the Nikkey Shimbun national newspaper.