Fernandito Branca

Branca liquors are very appreciated in south America, especially in Argentina, where one of the most popular soft drinks is the “fernando” a mix of Fernet stirred with coke, ice cubes and a curly orange slice on top. In 2014 I was given the opportunity to design a Fernandito tasting corner at the Galvanotecnica Bugatti in Zona Tortona, during the Milano Design Week 2014. Wooden bar counters were inspired by traditional oceanic shipping boxes that in my fancy story telling  to entertain guests had just arrived by Cargo from Buenos Aires… loaded of Fernandito Branca. The company’s logos were printed on transparent polycarbonate that at night would get smartly enlightened by invisible leds. Six hexagonal poufs made of top quality Italian leather were customized printing the Branca eagle logo flying on top of the world.